Plumbing made simple.

The Future of Plumbing Tools is here!

Multipurpose Pex and Copper Crimp Joining in seconds.

Interchangeable Dies to suit commonly used metric sizes.

No Batteries, gases, fuel or AC. No costly permit or license.

Fully Submersible and waterproof allowing use underwater or in space. 

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Simple, Safe PEX and Copper Press System

Put down the blow torch and pick up iCrimp

Designed and calibrated in Australia, by Australians - support local ingenuity.

No battery. No power cable. No Fire. No Burns. No Danger. No Worries.

5-year Warranty - Strong and Reliable for Trade Use.

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Get iCrimp. Job Done.

The essential plumbing accessory for 2014 has arrived

You haven't joined pipe until you've tried the iCrimp Pipe Crimp Press System by iCrimp.

New Multi-tool is the Gold Standard of Pipe Joining technologies saving you time and money without compromising pressure levels or fitment durability. 

Use off-the-shelf components and achieve unsurpassed pipe leak pressure test numbers without even breaking a sweat.

Do the job right, do it with iCrimp.

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100% Aussie Designed & Calibrated

Australian Innovation. Welcome to the future.

Fully Submersible and waterproof allowing use underwater or possibly outer-space.

Built-strong for rigid plumbing work and build-quality unsurpassed by traditional copper and PEX pipe joining methods in use today.

Designed and calibrated in Australia, by Australians. World-First Patent Pending design.

Halve your overhead cost, double your efficiency today. The ultimate crimp press system.

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PEX Crimp Press Systems

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

About iCrimp

$855inc.GST + 5 Yr Warranty + FREE SHIP = Bargain


The average plumber in Australia spends approx $1,100 per year on GAS hire, silver solder, flux, map gas and in time/labor with brazing. 

Not to mention the hassle of carrying the big heavy bottles around on each job.
With iCrimp, you can look forward to a 5 year saving in excess of $6,500. iCrimp comes with a full five (5) year warranty.
This multi-crimper cuts down your yearly costs, returning you both money and time.
LOW COST SERVICING :  Use light machine grade oil or lubricant (eg INOX, WD40, RP7)

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iCrimp Press Systems

100% Leak-Proof Seal

Pressure tested to over 3,500kPa the iCrimp Pipe Clamp Press Joining System is guaranteed to last years meaning less maintenance and no leaks whatsoever!

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Save time. Save money.

It only takes 5-seconds to create flame-free and leak proof joins for PEX and Copper pipes. More time to spend on other things like fishing, or the family...

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Pipe Press Joining System

Pluming shouldn't require expensive and dangerous equipment to join, crimp and seal PEX tubes and Copper pipes for air and water tight seal - $$ave time and money!

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Underwater Pipe Joining

Ever wanted to repair a broken pipe that was submerged and couldn't get your equipment to function in the wet? Good news is that problem is 100% solved with iCrimp

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 Now you can connect PEX without the fuss of normal equipment and with pressure test capabilities above the normal joining ratings.

Use the iCrimp in fully-submerged conditions or when the torch isn't deemed safe. iCrimp is the ultimate multi-tool.

When you and your team complete a job ahead of schedule, added benefit is had by multiple parties. Save time and money with iCrimp.

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